Two new and exciting exhibits are headed to Where Music Lives!

Life in the Fast Lane

November 8 through December 31

The legendary Fast Lane (Rocky’s Warehouse Saloon and Hotel California), located at 207 4th Ave in played a fundamental role in the music scene of the 70’s and 80’s, not only in the Asbury Park  but along the east coast. It was a touring stop for many bands traveling between New York and Philadelphia, where U2, the Ramones and others would play to packed houses, where a young John Bonjiovi perfected his musicianship, where punk and hardcore bands were embraced. Photographs from  the collections of Joe Eichenger, Billy Smith and Joe Streno.

Opening Reception on November 16 at 6pm


“BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN IN FOCUS Photographs 1980-2012”

January 4 through March 2

Rothenberg captures the energy of Bruce Springsteen and his connection to audiences around the world. For thirty-two years, Debra has photographed Bruce, in small clubs along the Jersey shore, and in national and international arenas and stadiums. The power of Bruce’s live performances coupled with Debra’s ability to snap the right shot, brings fans more than two hundred unique and memorable photographs. From her first photo of Bruce in 1980 when she was a college student, Debra chronicles her photographic journey, attending many concerts all over the world, and shaping her life and career in the process